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Payment Methods

How many payment methods do you have?

Paymentship partners with global payments processing companies to provide online billing solution with over 120 payment methods which include ewallets, mobile and land-line payments, prepaid cards, payment kiosks, debit cards, bank transfers and more. All of these payment options will allow you to monetize users from all over the world whether you are selling virtual goods in a game or provide online services.

I need mobile payments, can Paymentship help?

Yes, check out Mobiamo . This would be the ideal mobile product for you as it covers all the regions in the world with the best payouts and the best conversion rates. We combine all the mobile payment companies we work with to create the best mobile payment product for you.

I already offer credit card payments to my users. What else do I need?

You are only covering a percentage of your users. By signing up with Paymentship, you will have full coverage in more than 200 countries with local options for each of these markets. If you cannot decide which payment options to set up, you can work closely with our optimization team in getting the most out of Paymentship's services. To find out more, please check out the Optimization Consulting Service.


Am I being charged for 'Initiated' payments?

Initiated payments mean that your purchase is either pending or did not go through successfully. Pending transactions are normally applicable for payment methods that need further processing such as bank transfers. Otherwise, we assure you that you will not be charged for ‘Initiated’ payments.

How do I cancel recurring billing for a subscription?

To cancel your recurring billing to a website or an application, just go to the Paymentship payment page on the website you made a purchase and click on the "Help" button. Go to the "Recurring Payments" tab to see your active recurring subscriptions. Click on cancel.

How can I add my preferred payment method?

Click the ‘Help’ button on the page where you make a purchase. You can find this on the upper right part of the checkout page. You will see an option to request for a payment method you prefer, which is currently unavailable to you.

How can I check my previous payments?

In order to check your previous payments, you can create or sign in to your own Paymentship Account. Payments history will be available for you right after sign up.

Do you store my credit card details?

Paymentship does not store credit card details. However, make sure that in your browser settings ‘Autofill’ or ‘Autocompletion’ options turned off to protect yourself from possible fraud actions.

How can I remove autofill of my credit card details?

In order to remove autofill of your credit card details, you should change special settings in your browser. You may refer to the following sites on how to remove this feature:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Payment Verification

Why was my payment blocked?

Paymentship fraud protection works to provide a high level of security and safety for our customers. We perform fraud check to verify our users and for faster processing of future payments.

I don't have a scanner to scan a photo of my card or ID. What should I do?

You can take a photo of your card using your mobile phone. Please make sure that the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits are visible. The photo capture also needs to show the name on the card and the expiry date. All other information on the cards should be hidden.

Is it secure for me to upload a scanned copy of my personal ID?

By using Paymentship, which is compliant with the strictest PCI requirements, your data is secure and protected.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the standard that would protect the data of customers, as well as ensure the proper transfer of their data and implementation/handling of debit and credit card transactions.

Do I need to upload my documents each time I pay?

Transaction verification is a one-time procedure. You can be sure that your future payments made with the same card or verified payment system will go through automatically without any delay.

In case I change my mind to make the payment during the transaction verification, how can I cancel my payment?

If you don't provide the documents within the requested period, we will cancel your purchase automatically and you won't be charged. If you used e-wallet to make a purchase, your payment will be refunded within 7 to 10 days.


How can I receive my payout?

Paymentship can pay you via the following methods:

Bank and Wire Transfer (Globally)
Check (US only)
PayPal (Globally)

How often can I receive my payouts?

You receive payouts once a month. If your monthly revenues are greater than $100,000 we can send payouts twice a month.

I am still a minor. Can I receive my payout?

If you are a minor and would like to use our service. Kindly ask your parents or legal guardians to accept the payout on your behalf. In compliance with international laws, we require the beneficiary of the payout to be of legal age.

In which currency can I receive my payout?

We can send the payout in USD or EUR provided that the bank used for the deposit is denominated in this currency.

Is there any minimum payout amount that I need to meet?

There is a $100 minimum payout threshold. Once the $100 threshold is met, we will automatically send you the payout as long as all compliance documents are uploaded and approved.

Why are you not sending my payout?

In order to receive your payout, please make sure that all required Compliance documents are submitted and approved. Check out your payout settings page for the complete list of required documents.

Why is my payout delayed?

We send out payouts as we collect your revenues from our payment partners. It would depend on the payment method utilized by the users and release time of our payment partners which usually vary between 30 to 60 days.

The payout can also be put on hold for a specific amount of time if we see that you have stopped processing payments. This is to cover any possible chargebacks the users may file. Once the prescriptive period is over, we will pay you your remaining balance minus any refunds or chargebacks.


What is Brick?

Brick is a Unified API solution to optimize sales of merchants around the world. Customized checkouts fit for Desktop, Mobile and even SmartTV.

What is PayAlto?

PayAlto is a platform for local payment methods that provide merchants and users seamless way to manage over 120 local payment methods in more than 200 countries around the world.

What is Mobiamo?

Paymentship Mobile is a direct carrier billing platform with global coverage so you can grow your revenues with seamless checkout for your digital goods and services.

What is SpiderPipe?

Spiderpipe is a payment gateway that links other global mrchant accounts to Paymentship, such as PayPal or Skrill, to allow users integrate their existing merchant accounts in Paymentship's platform.

What is MINT?

MINT is a global prepaid card that allows users to pay with the most convinient and simple way.

What is Offerwall?

Offerwall is a way for your users to earn credits instead of buying them. Users can earn credits by completing various offers (e.g. surveys, downloads, videos, sign ups, etc...).


What is a pingback?

When a user makes a payment or completes an advertising offer via Offerwall, we send you an HTTP/HTTPS server-to-server notification communicating their user id and the details of the purchase. We call this notification a pingback.

Once you receive a pingback from Paymentship, you will need to deliver the purchased product (or virtual currency) to the respective user. For this you will need to build a pingback listener script on your server. You should input the URL of this script (Pingback URL) in the Pingback section of your Project Settings inside of your Paymentship Merchant Account.

How can I set up a pingback?

You can refer to the Getting Started page for instructions on how to set up a pingback. You may also check our Digital Goods,Virtual Currency, or Cart APIs' pages for details on the Pingback API format. Upon receiving a pingback and processing the order on your side, we also recommend implementing the Delivery Confirmation API so that Paymentship can track the order status (in case of non-instant delivery) and update users in case they inquire about the payment status and so that Paymentship can dispute possible chargebacks.

How can I add custom pingback parameters?

You can set up custom pingback parameters in My Projects > Settings > Custom Pingback Parameters section. Any custom parameters can be added by specifying their name and value.

For elaborate instructions, check out the pingback parameters page.

What is the difference between HTTP and Email Pingback?

HTTP request is sent from our servers to your Pingback listener script where we communicate to your server the details about the payment so that your server can process the pingback and deliver the product or virtual currency to the according user automatically.

With Email Pingback an email is sent to the address that you configure once a user pays or completes an offer. Once you receive the email, you should deliver the product manually to the user.

Note: We highly recommend using HTTP Pingback for automatic processing of orders.