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Simplified white-label checkout

Integrate the most brand-friendly and easy-to-use checkout.

Smart Checkout

Our intuitive checkout interface will show your customers only relevant payment options with localized prices and in local language, simplifying their payment experience.

Customizable layout

You can fully control the look and feel of your checkout — simply edit the colors or skin the widget all the way to seamlessly match your brand and a website.

Safety and security, guaranteed.

Keeping your customer’s data secure is our main priority.

Minimize fraudulent transactions

Transactions are screened real-time using in-house machine learning algorithms.

Trusted by millions

More than 1 million users have made a purchase using Paymentship.

Meet PCI-DSS compliance

Sensitive data is protected by Paymentship’s PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant servers.

Transparent reports, advanced analytics

Create an effective sales strategy based on your findings.

Conversion and Revenue Data

Track your revenue and conversions using any data you need:

Precise transaction tracking

Check declined transactions and convert them into approvals. Refund, flag, trace any payment worldwide.

All-around business assistance

Maximize your business revenue with the help of our team.