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Different online payment methods in Europe

Jan 4, 2016

Each country in Europe is different. Therefore, it is not surprising that consumers in these countries use different online payment methods.In response to this situation, we can offer many kinds of online payment methods at the paymentship site.

When it comes to paying for the products ordered online, European buyers prefer to pay through digital wallets such as PayPal and Alipay. Visa and MasterCard are also very popular, followed by credit and debit cards from national banks. We can also offer these payment methods at the paymentship site.

In Western Europe, it is common to pay with credit or debit cards for online purchases. But there are also many big differences between countries. In the Netherlands, for example, the credit card is not very popular because 84% of the Dutch use the iDeal national payment method for online purchases.In Germany, consumers prefer to pay with digital accounts and check, followed by direct bank transfers.

The opposite of online payment is Cash on delivery,which is still very popular in Eastern Europe. In Slovakia, for example, 72% of online shopping is paid by the way of cash on delivery! A great advantage of this payment method is that online buyers do not need to enter their personal information on the Internet and only have to pay when they keep their goods in their hands. And in Poland, 51% of people use Payu, which is the same popular in Turkey.

You may think that if you offer a digital wallet, a Visa / MasterCard and a credit or debit card for national banks, you can appeal to all buyers in Europe. But each country has its own special needs when it comes to paying online. You must adapt your offer to each country if you do not want to give up sales.