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Companies are making money from investor's love affair with stocks

Oct 3, 2016

This is the best moment in history to be an investor.I'm not just talking about being in the middle of the second longest bull market in history.

The gains from the increase in shares are amazing,but all the innovations that have allowed cheaper and easier access to the capital markets are even better.Deregulation in the 1970s led to the creation of discount brokers. Innovation in the 1980s boosted electronic trading platforms such as eTrade Financial ETFC,+1.29%.In the 1990s,the first exchange-traded funds that followed the S&P 500 SPX obtained their value at+0.81%.The improvements have continued in this century.

If you want to make money with this trend,it is also a good time to invest in some companies that benefit from this investment revolution.Here are five stocks that follow the money:

1. BlackRock

The ETF revolution is here,with around 5,000 publicly traded funds around the world and almost 2,000 in the United States.But as many investors move from individual stocks to ETFs,they are entering a small list of mega-funds, especially in the iShares family.

2. Invesco

The vast majority of investors are grouped into a select group of more conventional and larger market funds,such as iShares and Vanguard.However, there is still a very profitable niche for issuers such as Investco Ltd. IVZ,-0.68%,offering a more sophisticated selection of tactical funds.

3. Charles Schwab

Constant evolution Charles Schwab Corp. SCHW, -0.07% discovered how to constantly communicate with investors and develop their brand and assets.

4. AllianceBernstein

One approach to build an investment company is to be as cutting edge and measure against the costs and get involved with the little man. AllianceBernstein Holding AB,-0.18% is the other side of the coin,for well-off clients with deep pockets.

5. Morgan Stanley

Traditional asset managers are not the best way to play the next generation of investments,but investment bank Morgan Stanley MS is currently quite good at -0.17%.

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