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A big Increment of Teens' Ownership of Smartphones in US

Dec 12, 2016

The image of teenagers watching the screens of smart phones is an emblem worthy of the time capsule of our time. The irony is that teenagers have the humiliation of underestimating themselves considerably when they have smartphones, as described in a new eMarketer report: "American Teenagers: How Smartphones Fit into Their Daily Lives"

At the beginning of the era of smart phones, parents were often reluctant to provide a teenager with an expensive device whose careless use could easily cause problems for the child. As expected, many teenagers lacked a smartphone, although it has become a standard equipment for non-adults.

But while parents are still worried about what their teenagers are going to do with smartphones, it has become more difficult to prohibit their children from using these devices because feature phones are disappearing from the market. We passed the turning point in which it is normal for teenagers to have a smartphone. About three quarters of children aged 12 to 17 will have one this year.

In general, a large majority of teenagers have smartphones. Among those with smartphones, the amount of use tends to be high, even frightening. eMarketer estimates that 88.3% of people between 12 and 17 years old will have mobile phones this year. Of cell phones, 84.0% will have smartphones.

For the entire age group, smartphone penetration is 74.2%. This is much stronger than in 2013, when almost half of this age group had smartphones. However, it falls short of the figure for adult millennials, among whom upwards of nine in 10 have smartphones.

The results of a survey conducted by Flagship Research for Adestra in February 2016 suggest that older teenagers are more likely than younger teenagers to have smartphones. Among those between 14 and 18 years old, 87% reported having and using a smartphone.

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