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Become a money superhero and make cosplay in budget

Dec 26, 2016

Mark Chu-Lin, 43-year-old, who is in character as G.I. Joe - or War Machine from the "Iron Man" series, or one of the biker scouts from "Return of the Jedi",is one of the millions of Americans devoted to "cosplay"-those rabid fans of comics and superhero movies who dress up as their favorite characters, and populate massive events all over the country.

Those people who do Cosplay,because love it.But,Cosplay is not cheap.If you are going to role play, it might help if your superhero power is "Bottomless Bank Account".

According to Eventbrite's research,at cosplay events,59 percent of fans report sending between $100-$500 on merchandise – not even including basic costs like tickets, food and parking,And 10 percent say they spend more than $500 per show.

Then there are the costumes themselves, which as any cosplay fan knows, can be extremely detailed and elaborate.According to the research,thirty percent of cosplay fans report spending between $100-$200 per costume, Meanwhile 24 percent spent between $200-$400, and 13 percent said they spent $400 or more.

Cosplay does not necessarily have to break the bank, but you do have to be strategic to prevent spending from getting out of control.On the one hand,you have a tight budget,but on the other hand, you are very keen to cosplay. Well,I advise that you can do something simple and classic.And also, you can prepare something by yourself, such as clothing, stage property and other things like this.

But,it must have to say that Cosplay is very attractive, and has great market potential.For me personally,I really like to see Cosplay Show.Fantastic costumes, beautiful scenes and special storyline are very attractive.I believe that,in the near future,there are more and more people will enjoy the show of cosplay, and more and more people will come in.

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