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Interac Debit is a good way to use your own money

Jan 2, 2017

With Interac Debit, you have access to your own money directly from your bank account. To go shopping every day, like the morning caffeine on the way home from work to the ingredients for dinner, using Interac Debit is like money, just safer. Transactions are approved online and in real time when your money is exchanged electronically between your financial institution and the merchant.

Use Interac's debit for your daily purchases:

Interac Debit helps you maintain control of your finances and helps you save money. It's like money, only more secure, since the money is exchanged electronically between your bank and the merchant through the Interac network.

Interac's debit transactions are online and in real time, allowing you to track your expenses. All transactions are approved by your financial institution and appear immediately in your personal bank accounts so you can control your account balance and see exactly how much money you have.

We know that security is important to you:

Interac debit cards are extremely secure and are protected against fraud, such as counterfeiting, repeat transactions and no-show transactions, many of which are due to chip technology. They are also protected by Interac's zero liability policy.

Help for small businesses in your community:

Interac Debit is a low-cost, flat-rate payment option for Canadian retailers. Credit cards can generate higher costs because many have multiple rates and represent a percentage of 1.5% to 5% of the total you spend. Add and hit the distributors, especially the small independent distributors, where every penny counts.

Interac debit greatly facilitate people's daily life, it remove a lot of unnecessary trouble for us at the same time, but also greatly save our time!

Its security also drastically reduces the people's concern when they pay online or pay with a card. Paymentship is the leading global payments platform. Under the background of the globalization of the payment method, we hope that Paymentship can also provide such same or similar services to attract