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The moblie games of China has became popular all of the world

Aug 27, 2016

App Annie,that is a famous worldwide application analysis provider , released the report pointed out that,in recent years, China's mobile gaming market has grown rapidly.

Chinese game publishers have been successful inside and outside of China. As it is diffcult to compete in the local market with large suppliers,such as Tencent and NetEase, more and more Chinese publishers are looking for gold in foreign markets and some of them performs very well.

According to the research, overseas sales of Chinese games abroad increased by almost 150% between January-May 2014 and January-May 2016.The three largest excluded markets in China are the United States, Japan and South Korea,which represent around 60% of the game revenue for Chinese publishers.

Strategy games are the main global monetization opportunity for Chinese publishers because they require less localization efforts.In terms of monthly active users (MAU), arcade games have tended to increase in volume by occupying the top positions of Chinese games through overseas iPhone and Android Phone MAU.

To be successful outside of China, publishers must develop games that can attract their genres by integrating design and game elements that translate seamlessly across borders. With respect to the payment method, the use of alternative payment methods of the local market would help to improve the conversion rate of the users.And that is what paymentship can help you!Paymentship is a Chinese payment service platform, that provides hundreds of alternative payment methods.